Rosso Pulcino

Project Completion

Dicember 2010

Skills Used

Html, CSS, Jquery

Programmes Used

Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamvewer


• Designing layout website for e-commerce
• Designing front end user interfaces for interactive web application
• Front end web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
details, @font-face for the fonts
• Not development aspx

Website details

In collaboration with Retalco

* Images explain the starting concept design. They should be quite different than those on-line because of requirement's customer

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Rosso Pulcino

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Rosso Pulcino

Catalogue (e-commerce)

Rosso Pulcino

Catalogue details (e-commerce)

Rosso Pulcino

Product page (e-commerce)

Rosso Pulcino

Product pagedetails (e-commerce)

Rosso Pulcino

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